Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The FAQs are categorized into 3 sections :

1-     General Questions

2-     Questions for writers

3-     Questions for publishers

1- General questions:

1.1 – What are the advantages that Sellyourwritings provide for both writers and publishers?

- Sellyourwritings gives many facilities to both writers and publishers aiming to create a better communication between them. We provide the following to the writers:

# Independence

Writers can write articles without further requests and offer them for sale with their own price

# Security

For each article you post, none can see the full article except the buyer after the purchase has been made. Only the abstract and a chosen part - written by you - will appear to the public to express your article

# Freelancing

If you don't have something to write so our Jobs section is the right place for you to bid on needed articles, find work in your favorite niche and start writing

We provide the following to the publishers:

# Plagiarism Checking

Every article has to be checked for plagiarism by our team and a plagiarism percentage is written above each approved article

# Low Cost

The website fees including checking the content of the article for plagiarism or corruption. It is just 5% of the actual article price

# Easy Communication

After choosing a writer for your instant quote you can chat freely with him/her for getting a better result before purchase

1.2 – What are the modalities of selling articles? and what do they mean?

- Articles are allowed to be sold on Sellyourwritings in three different modalities, they are: Selling Article Ownership, Sell as Special Article and Sell as Used Article

# Selling Article Ownership: is to offer the article copyright for selling and only one publisher can buy it. The buyer can publish the article under his/her name, can add or delete parts, can sell it or share it for free

# Sell as Special Article: is to offer the article for selling and only one publisher can buy it. The buyer can only publish the article under the writer's name, can't add or delete parts, can't sell it or share* it for free

# Sell as used Article: is to offer the article for selling and many publishers can buy it. The buyers can only publish the article under the writers name, can't add or delete parts, can't sell it or share* it for free

* the buyer can't share the article means that the buyer doesn't have the right to give permissions to other publishers to share this article, but of course the buyer has the right to share the article many times just in his/her properties. Example: Writer (A) has written an article and sold it as Special or Used article in Sellyourwritings to Publisher (A). Publisher (B) read the article in Publisher (A)'s website and asks him/her to share it. In this case Publisher (A) doesn't have the right to permit sharing this article by other publishers.

- These modalities are made to organize the articles market inside Sellyourwritings and are used to identify the dealing conditions between the writers (sellers) and publishers (buyers). Although their use is limited to Sellyourwritings website, we are ready to prove any selling process to the writers and publishers at any time.

1.3 – What will happen if the publisher doesn't get fully satisfied after reading the full article which is already bought/paid for ? what is the refund policy?

- Sellyourwritings is made to solve the hard equation between the writers and publishers. The writer fears that a publisher may copy his article and pretends he is unsatisfied and will not accept/pay for it, But still the publisher has full rights to ensure the quality of the article he will pay for. So, an abstract and a chosen paragraph have to be written by the writer for each article, then the full article will be checked by Sellyourwritings team (as explained in Q. 2.3) to be approved or rejected

- We advise the publisher if you are not satisfied by the abstract and the chosen paragraph so DON'T BUY the article. Don't risk on buying expensive articles except you are fully satisfied with the abstract and the chosen paragraph

- Don't risk on buying very old articles as the plagiarism percentage may be changed

- Refund cases are :

1- In case of a corrupted file we refund 100% of the money

2- In case of a mismatching chosen paragraph for more than three words we refund 100% of the money

3- In case of obvious or well known scientific mistakes (proven by at least 3 certified resources) and not just different points of view

4- Other cases will be reviewed and carefully studied

- No refund for the following cases:

1- The article quality doesn't fit the buyer expectation

2- The buyer doesn't like the writer's style

3- There are many grammar mistakes (in this case the buyer has the right to fix them)

4- If the publisher buys a rejected article (just for ordered articles)

2- Questions for writers:

2.1 - In the registration form, why does Sellyourwritings require the writer's PayPal account e-mail?

-- Sellyourwritings uses PayPal as a payment gateway through which the publishers can pay and buy articles. It takes around 30 days pending the amount on Sellyourwritings PayPal account according to PayPal Terms of Use then we are able to transfer it to the writer. Writer's PayPal account is needed to complete the transaction and considered a private data protected by our Privacy Policy

2.2 - How to sell a new article in Sellyourwritings?

- Selling articles on Sellyourwritings is the main purpose and is limited only to writers. After logging in as a writer go to your dashboard and select Sell, then click on Sell new article button. A new article application will open through which you can fill the data required, choosing the category and subcategory of your new article, writing an abstract and a chosen paragraph which are the only window to the publisher to judge your article, then write the number of words used and set the article price. After that, you have to choose one selling type for your article ( ownership – special or used ).

Now you finish the new article application but you won't see your article in the defined subcategory until has been approved by Sellyourwritings team, that will take about 72 hours to be made. If the article is approved you will see it in the definite subcategory offered for selling to the publishers.

2.3 – What is meant by approved or rejected? and why?

- As Sellyourwritings wants to protect the writer's article privacy from being read and not paid for we also have to offer genuine articles to the publishers. Each article has 5 things to be checked for, they are Abstract, Chosen Paragraph, Plagiarism, Word Count and the Entire Topic. The article is checked by Sellyourwritings team within 72 hours from being uploaded as follows:

1- The article is checked for plagiarism and a plagiarism percentage of 0-20 % is considered good. If the percentage is above 20% the article is rejected. Also, a counter will count the article words and the number shouldn't differ greatly from that set by the writer.

2- The abstract should be clear and obviously telling about the article without copying parts from the entire article. Otherwise, any article with misleading abstract will be rejected.

3- The chosen paragraph is that one paragraph you copy and paste which is typically matching the same paragraph in the uploaded article, as it is the only way the publisher can judge the writer's style. If the chosen paragraph doesn't match its corresponding one in the real article the article will be rejected.

4- The entire article content should match our criteria of terms and conditions.

2.4 – Where to find my articles?

- Each article you post has four possibilities :

1- Approved: you will see it in your My Articles section in your dashboard and will be shown in the certain subcategory.

2- Not checked yet or Rejected: you will find it in Sell section on your dashboard. Open your article and check its state.

3- Sold: you will find it in Income section in your dashboard.

4- Deleted: in few cases and you will not find it at all, a message will be sent to your contact email showing the cause of deletion. ( see Terms & Conditions )

2.5 – How to find jobs/articles to write?

- Jobs or orders are those needed articles posted by the publishers who are already registered at Sellyourwritings. The jobs can be easily seen in the job section in Sellyourwritings home page. Another way is through Find Work section on your dashboard.

2.6 – How to apply for a job? and what will happen next?

- On the upper right corner of each job, there is Make A Proposal button which appears only to the writers. After clicking this button a proposal application will appear where you can fill the following data:

1- Words: enter the number of words you will write in this article.

2- Duration: enter the duration (in days) you need to finish this article.

3- Estimated price: enter your desired price for this article in case you are chosen.

4- Letter: enter any other details you want to tell the publisher about.

5- Write a sample: enter a paragraph or sample of what you will write to show the publisher your style.

- The proposals are seen only by the publisher. Other candidates will not see your proposal.

- The publisher will select one proposal/writer. After that, a chat panel will be available between the publisher and the selected writer.

- You can check your dashboard for updates of your proposal. One scenario of the following will happen:

1- YOU WIN … Check your chat

-when your proposal is selected by the publisher. You will find 2 buttons in the action column which are Chat and Post your article. You can then chat** with the publisher and communicate for more details concerning the job. After finishing the article you can simply click Post your article button to upload it. The article will be directed only to the publisher.

** you have to check your chat frequently as it doesn't provide audible or colored notifications at this time


-when the publisher selects another writer.

2.7 – How to know if my article is sold? and how to get paid?

- You can check your dashboard frequently in the section Income where you can find your sold articles. When a publisher buys your article (either you published it to the public or responding to an order/job) it will appear on the table as the following:

Name of article

Buyer name

Date of selling

Selling type


Article Sample 1

Publisher name 1



$ 50

Article Sample 2

Publisher name 1



$ 45

Total Profit $ 95

-- This table is to show you how many articles have been sold. An email will be sent to you after each selling tells you that your article has been sold and you will receive your money within 30 days.

2.8 – Why does it take 30 days to receive my money?

- According to PayPal terms of use, any transaction will appear as (Pending) for a duration of 1-30 days. During the pending state, we can't transfer money to the writers. See also Q 2.1

2.9 – How to make sure that I will receive my money after each selling?

- It is just like to buy something online through any website. What is the guarantee? Actually nothing !! You need to build a trust, and trust comes after a try. So, Just try us once.

3- Questions for publishers:

3.1 – How to buy an article from the public section ?

- First of all you must login as a publisher, then by browsing articles in the categories or through Find Article section in your dashboard you will see the price and the selling modality either Ownership, Special or Used. By clicking on the Buy button you will be turned to PayPal payment gateway to complete the transaction, then you will be able to download the article in PDF format.

- For rating the article click your My Articles section in your dashboard.

3.2 – How to post a job / order ? and what will happen next ?

- Click My Jobs section in your dashboard, then click on Post A New Job button. A new order application will appear that you have to fill. After finishing it you can see it in the jobs section in the home page where the writers can bid for.

- In your My Jobs section you can see your jobs/orders and by clicking any of them you will see the proposals made by the writers. Each proposal should contain a letter and a sample, beside how many words that the writer will write, duration and estimated price. After checking these proposals you have to choose only one writer per job. After choosing the writer a chat** panel will be available for both of you to communicate freely.

** you have to check your chat frequently as it doesn't provide audible or colored notifications at this time

- In your jobs table you can check the state of your job which will be (in progress) until the writer upload your needed article.

- After uploading the article by the writer you will see the status (in progress) changes to be the name of your needed article where you can click and check the abstract, chosen paragraph and plagiarism like any other article.

- If the article fits Sellyourwritings criteria, then a plagiarism percentage will be shown which must not exceed 5%. That means:

1- The chosen paragraph is typically that inside the article

2- The abstract is really telling the conclusion of the article

3- The number of words is in the same range of that written

- If the article doesn't fit Sellyourwritings criteria, then a rejection message will be shown telling you the cause of being rejected. Sellyourwritings will not prevent the article delivery to the publisher as the publisher may accept different criteria but if the publisher proceeds to buy a rejected article No Refund can be made. See also Q 1.3

- Sellyourwritings may delete the article in 4 cases. ( Read Terms & Conditions )

- If you are not satisfied DON'T buy the article, simply ignore it. Also you can still chat with the writer to improve his/her work and upload many articles in the same order/job.

Category:- Family / Society

Subcategory:- Marriage - Wedding

Words: 540

Plagiarism:- 0 % Till 2017 -- 11 - 25

By:- Golden Pen-

Category:- Family / Society

Subcategory:- Marriage - Wedding

Words: 540

Rejected Article : Unmatched chosen paragraph, Plagiarism 7%

By:- Golden Pen-


Approved Article

Rejected Article


3.3 – what is meant by Plagiarism x % Till yyyy-mm-dd?

- This means that the article has a plagiarism percentage of x % and the plagiarism was checked on that date.

- It is important for publishers to know the date of plagiarism checking because old articles may be abused by the writer (selling them out of Sellyourwritings) after posting them in our website hence a plagiarism percentage will be changed. We solve this problem by allowing the publishers to freely contact us to check a plagiarism of a definite article again prior to purchase.