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We may modify the Terms & Conditions at any time. We'll post any modifications to Sellyourwritings Terms & Conditions on this page and any modifications to Sellyourwritings Privacy Policy, Sellyourwritings Cookies Policy, and FAQs on their respective pages.


1- Important Definitions in Sellyourwritings

1.1 A writer: is that account who can post, upload and sell articles on Sellyourwritings and can set their prices and selling modalities at the time of posting. Also can bid on jobs or needed articles set by the publishers in Sellyourwritings.

1.2 A publisher: is that account who can buy, download and rate articles on Sellyourwritings. Also can create jobs which are needed articles and select one writer per job.

1.3 Selling Article Ownership: is to offer the article copyright for selling and only one publisher can buy it. The buyer can publish the article under his/her name, can add or delete parts, can sell it or share it for free.

1.4 Selling as Special Article: is to offer the article for selling and only one publisher can buy it. The buyer can only publish the article under the writer's name, can't add or delete parts, can't sell it or share* it for free

1.5 Selling as Used Article: is to offer the article for selling and many publishers can buy it. The buyers can only publish the article under the writers name, can't add or delete parts, can't sell it or share* it for free

* the buyer can't share the article means that the buyer doesn't have the right to give permissions to other publishers to share this article, but of course the buyer has the right to share the article many times just in his/her properties. Example: Writer (A) has written an article and sold it as Special or Used article in Sellyourwritings to Publisher (A). Publisher (B) read the article in Publisher (A)'s website and asks him/her to share it. In this case Publisher (A) doesn't have the right to permit sharing this article by other publishers.

1.6 Order or Job: is that form posted by a publisher for a needed article. Every writer can see all jobs and can apply for anyone. The publisher has to choose only one writer per job to accomplish the needed article.

1.7Proposal: is that application made by the writer to apply for a job. Proposals are seen only by the publisher who created the job.

2- For Writers and Publishers

2.1what we provide to the writers:

# Independence

Writers can write articles without further requests and offer them for sale with their own price

# Security

For each article you post, none can see the full article except the buyer after the purchase has been made. Only the abstract and a chosen part - written by you - will appear to the public to express your article

# Freelancing

If you don't have something to write so our Jobs section is the right place for you to bid on needed articles, find work in your favorite niche and start writing

2.2 what we provide to the publishers:

# Plagiarism Checking

Every article has to be checked for plagiarism by our team and a plagiarism percentage is written above each approved article

# Low Cost

The website fee including checking the content of the article for plagiarism or corruption. It is just 5% of the actual article price and doesn't include the PayPal fee. The website takes nothing for articles less than $ 20


# Easy Communication

After choosing a writer for your instant quote you can chat freely with him/her for getting a better result before purchase

2.3 Any article content is the responsibility of its writer only. Sellyourwritings rule is limited to approve, reject or delete the articles according to its criteria.

2.4 Sellyourwritings doesn't guarantee any kind of article abuse outside of by either a writer or a publisher after the purchase has made. Its authority is limited to prevent reselling articles inside and to prevent high plagiarized articles to be offered for sale.

2.5 Sellyourwritings modalities for selling articles ( 1.3 - 1.4 - 1.5 ) are for organizing the articles market inside Sellyourwritings and are used to identify the dealing conditions between the writers (sellers) and the publishers (buyers). Although their use is limited to Sellyourwritings website, we are ready to prove any selling process to the writers and publishers at any time.

2.6 Sellyourwritings plagiarism checking is limited to the article text only. Any use of copyrighted photos is under the responsibility of its user.

2.7 Checking articles doesn't contain checking grammar mistakes, and the publisher has the full right to fix any grammar mistakes without changing the meaning of a sentence in case of Special and Used articles.

3- for advertisers:

Sellyourwritings provides ad spaces for advertisers who are interested in advertising with us. Spaces are wide skyscrapers (160 x 600) pixels for each. Sellyourwritings welcomes any advertising proposals and has full rights to select it's advertisers and payment methods according to each case.

4- Payment and Refund Policy

4.1 Payment

Sellyourwritings uses PayPal as a payment gateway through which the publishers can pay and buy articles. It takes around 30 days pending the amount on Sellyourwritings PayPal account according to PayPal Terms of Use then we are able to transfer the money to the writer. Writer's PayPal account is needed to complete the transaction and considered as a private data protected by our Privacy Policy

4.2 Refund

4.2.1 we will refund:

1- In case of a corrupted file we refund 100% of the money

2- In case of a mismatching chosen paragraph for more than three words we refund 100% of the money

3- In case of obvious or well known scientific mistakes (proven by at least 3 certified resources) and not just different points of view. The amount depends on each case.

4- Other cases will be reviewed and carefully studied


4.2.2 -we will not refund:

1- The article meaning doesn't fit the buyer expectation

2- The buyer doesn't like the writer's style

3- There are many grammar mistakes (in this case the buyer has the right to fix them)

4- If the publisher buys a rejected article (just for ordered articles)

5- Approving, Rejecting and Deleting articles

5.1 we approve the article which has all of the following:

1- 0% plagiarism

2- Typically matched Chosen Paragraph

3- Well written abstract

4- Number of words used is closely related to that set by the writer

5- Typically matched address

6- Articles of 1-20 % plagiarism are reviewed manually as the percentage given by almost any plagiarism checking software is statistical number only. Approving or rejecting such articles are referred to Sellyourwritings.

5.2 -we reject articles have one of the following:

1- Plagiarism more than 20%

2- Plagiarism of 1-20 % which are checked manually and don't fit cases of condition shown above

3 -Unmatched Chosen Paragraph

4- Unmatched Address

5 -Poor abstract

6- Number of words used differs greatly from that set by the writer

5.3 -we delete the following articles:

1- Articles with Plagiarism of more than 20 % (In case of previously ordered articles)

2- Articles with contempt of religions

3- Articles with threats to national security of any country

4- Articles with pornography contents (text or photos)

5- Articles showing insulting to Egypt or any Egyptian symbol (Flag, Map, Army, President, Figures, Policy, etc.)

6- Plagiarism Checking

6.1 Plagiarism checking is a complicated process and almost all plagiarism checking tools don't give the same result. We consider that a plagiarism checking for an article should be 0% but in some cases, a higher percentage may be accepted like copying well-known scriptures as in case of Proverbs, theories, religious scriptures, etc. So a manual checking may be needed and articles with a plagiarism of 1-20 % may be accepted after have been reviewed. Articles with 20-30 % plagiarism will be rejected, and those of more than 40% will be deleted (In case of previously ordered articles).

6.2 -Sellyourwritings uses professional programs for checking plagiarism.

6.3- Plagiarism checking process doesn't include photos or symbols.


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