Who we are

Sellyourwritings is a website dealing with freelance writing jobs only. The story began when we started to work as freelance writers at different websites where the competition is very keen and may need to accept low prices to get a chance, and because we met many difficulties to express ourselves - as writers - as we can't write except upon further requests from clients, so we decided to build our independent website for freelance writing jobs and dealing with writers and publishers

On September 2016, we started to communicate with a large number of writers and clients, and through more than one year we listened carefully to their needs, problems, and wishes. After working hard on their issues we finally designed this website to give the writers a better chance for selling their writings and to ease the way before the publishers to get more accurate results for their needed articles.

For Writers, We provide

# Independence

you can write articles without further requests and post them for sale with your own price

# Security

for each article, you post no one can see the full article except the buyer after the purchase has been made. Only the abstract and a chosen part - written by you - will appear to the public to judge your article

# Freelancing

if you don't have something to write so our Jobs section is the right place for you to bid on needed articles, find work in your favorite niche and start writing

For Publishers, We provide

# Plagiarism Checking

every article has to be checked for plagiarism by our team and a plagiarism percentage is written above each approved article

# Easy Communication

after choosing a writer for your instant quote you can chat freely with him/her for getting a better result before purchase

# Low Cost

the website fees include checking the content of the article for plagiarism or corruption. It is just 5% of the actual article price