Chat fiction romantic/thriller/detective intrigue story writer

Needed by: Frank Smith
Category : Novels / Short Stories
Subcategory : Romantic Stories
Words: 2500 - 3500
Duration : 120 days
Estimated Price : $ 150 - $ 250
Registeration : 2019-05-10

Details :

Needs to get chat stories. Around 3 – 3,5k words. We are making a content mobile app for iOS with romantic and horror chat fiction stories. Our app is similar to apps like HOOKED, Yarn, Cliffhanger etc. Here is an example of a script we're looking for. Requirements: Fluent English; Fluent at texting with abbreviations and chat slang; Strong English writing skills; Creativity, imaginative thinking. You will be responsible for: Creating addictive dynamic stories that will catch the reader's attention till the very end. All the messages inside the stories should be as short and as intriguing as possible! We are looking for brave, bright ideas and unexpected twists in the story!

No. Of Proposals : 2