Looking for content to be written about the latest marketing strategies. Such as marketing automation, search marketing, etc
I need an article about hopes and wishes of human greatest project ever which is traveling to Mars, with special focus on how people could travel to Mars without a promise of coming back to mother Earth
-Write blog post for VOIP/Phone technology -If successful, future engagements of content writing -Ability to understand VoIP/Phone/Voice technology -SEO in mind
Needs to get chat stories. Around 3 – 3,5k words. We are making a content mobile app for iOS with romantic and horror chat fiction stories. Our app is similar to apps like HOOKED, Yarn, Cliffhanger etc. Here is an example of a script we're looking for. Requirements: Fluent English; Fluent at texting with abbreviations and chat slang; Strong English writing skills; Creativity, imaginative thinking. You will be responsible for: Creating addictive dynamic stories that will catch the reader's attention till the very end. All the messages inside the stories should be as short and as intriguing as possible! We are looking for brave, bright ideas and unexpected twists in the story!
We are looking for motivated content writers and editors who can contribute on a regular basis to our 5 year old design, fashion and lifestyle blog. We are still relatively small, but have great ambitions. In practice, we need one article per week contributed to the blog for now on topics related to high end designer, furniture, fashion and lifestyle products and industry news, but depending on the talent we get to work with want to increase that number quickly. We are looking for creative writers who have a great eye and appreciation for design, which we try to incorporate in the overall feel of the blog. If you have a background in that field, that of course is an extra. Also, candidates who know how to research relevant topics, news items, can create or contribute to an editorial calendar have an advantage here. If this applies, please explain in your cover letter how you would go about this process.
We are looking for medical experts that can write about medical marijuana. (how can it help you, how to use it, developments, etc.) Our blog has a lot of article about how to grow your own medicine. However, we notice enthusiasm for medical articles about marijuana. We would like you to write an article about medical marijuana with a minimum of 800 words.