Been into freelance writing since 2012. graduated with 2;1 in BA arts, mathematical modelling and finance from the university of Rochester in U.S and currently doing my masters at the university of Washington.

Business writter

I have written everything from songs to short stories and recently over the past few years, articles for people with blogs and other informational sites. I was mostly writing for a few friends, but now that I have experience in this field, I wanted to try my hand at seeing if the paying customer would be interested in either one of my posted articles or to maybe write something for them specific. I have written articles about gaming, how to's, gambling, computers, surgical instruments and one close to my heart....all of the different ways to make money. Please feel free to look at my postings and if something fits into what you need, just let me know. Anything I write for someone is 100% my original work. I am also very picky with my spelling and grammar. Thanks

Cosmas Nwokafor, founder, CosCom Writers. In addition to serving as a senior writer for CosCom Writers, Cosmas Nwokafor is a journalist, editor, freelance writer and a novelist who is passionate about telling creative stories. He has written extensively for both the print and digital media on a myriad of topics (especially as a ghostwriter) bordering on academic contents, blog posts, articles, copywriting, poems and fiction. Away from writing, Cosmas Nwokafor finds delight in sports and mentoring.

Hi, I am expert in computer science but my passion for writing remains huge. I am nerdy in different avenues of word smithing and i look forward to helping clients to have their projects succeed. I am an Engineer by profession with excellent skills and expertise that i want to dispense to the Freelance community. I invite clients to engage me in interviews and discuss projects further. Thank you.

I have a strong professional background in SEO writing, Information Technology and Business. • 18+ years of total experience in information technology, including approximately 8+ years of experience in SEO, content writing and editing. • I have worked for different well esteemed organizations in the Middle East and South Asia. • I am being mentored by the best and finest copywriters in the world and I have enrollment in AWAI Copywriting program and other copywriting courses.